Gift of poet tree

This is a not for profit tribute – a poet-tree collaged from portraits. Do you like it!

Here is the poet-tree in the library filled with poets long gone, and poets of today, poets of our project and poets from around the world.

As we have poets also passed away here in the foundations of this poetry tree please pay respect to them and think of them and what they have done. Be aware Indigenous people are also pictured and there may be someone you know. Always show respect.


This was so much fun to create! Many thanks to the team that glued it and planned it. Well done my dear family who supported this project so brilliantly!



Library Ripple

putting up the feet



This is one view of the library display for Ripple. You can see the feet and leaves, the poet’s tree, and the heart ripple butterfly picture. I am working on some collages of all our events and you’ll see some more up here soon. Thanks to the librarians there is also an awesome display of poetry books for children and adults out. They ordered some in from other libraries. Thanks librarians!!!

On another note any poets on the wall who have a website link (homepage) can send me their link and I’ll post it here after it’s been through a review process – for a number of reasons, especially as I want this to be a family friendly site.

I will also gradually post some links to help out teachers who want to integrate poetry into their teaching curriculum and maybe do some site reviews. Poetry ripples on and on.

Thanks to Years 2AM and 2 ML from Tully State Primary for hosting Mission Beach year 4s. I’ve seen you are still writing some poems for optional homework! I look forward to hearing more from you all and hope that you continue to write. Well done with your hosting, and creation of a poetry activity for so many children.

the feet go up

Entering the Exhibition

A view of the poetry wall- just one of many sections to our wall.

poetsmake the world

Young poets are here but we have more of our poets of all ages on the poet’s tree. You’ll see what at the local library until the 18th of September. Some of the exhibit might be going to the poet’s breakfast at Mission Beach, Sunday October 7th 8am.


Come and see the poetry wall- before the 19th of September

entering the exhibition1

Well there are just a few more days for people to come and see the Poetry wall at the Gallery. It may be finding other homes though and I’ll keep you posted.

We’ve had lots of people through the library exhibition, with many schools visiting the library last week but the gallery has mainly had wall participants visit on our poetry recital day. So show your support visit the wall and write a comment in the visitors book (comments on line appreciated too).

If you can come down before the 19th of September and read the poems on the wall. It’s quite a journey. This is what you see when you go through the entrance at the gallery- want to see more- go to the gallery- I’ll post some more pictures this afternoon and each day in the lead up to the 18th.

Also if you want to add some feet or leaves to our installations send us a poem. It should fit onto a foot or leaf shape. I’ll post some more on that soon.

Thankyou so much to the teachers who came last Friday and had their children bring so many wonderful feet creations- they are- I’m sure you agree- gems of feet.

word wall

From the coordinators desk…

It was simply inspiring to see the different age groups coming to celebrate poetry at the library in Tully on Friday.

We had two writers from the Licuala writer’s group , the Indigenous Education Officer from the Highschool and a local Elder who came to share her work. Around 100 people came to the recitals.

The children also performed their poems, and many had memorized their own creations.

They performed to the older writers and to their parents, teachers and fellow students. One of the classes performed impressively as a group and had memorized their poem completely- well done prep/one CC from Tully State School.

PrepOne Tully

They also kindly bought their feet shape creations, with words about themselves or something they wanted to care for to the library and we installed them on the notice boards and around our butterfly ripple effect painting. Thanks so much to their teachers for responding to the unity feet/butterfly ripple effect installation.

Well as soon as I can I’ll post some photos of everything and a more creative representation of the day – I was a bit too busy with microphones to always remember to take photographs but some of our trusty CRACA volunteers, Licuala and others took some photos and so the day is well covered.

Special thanks to Maxine at the library, also to Head librarian Helen for allowing us to use the library, Pam, Ben, Owen, Vanessa, Rebecca, all the young poets attending and all teachers and parents as well as Morrie who lent us some sound equipment, who helped to make the day a great success.

Also thanks to poets who couldn’t be there, Dave Delaney, Image Peace, Daphne Cazalet, and Susan Hawthorne, you were there in spirit, with your poetry gracing the walls and being read at some of our events

Elder and teachers and children looking at the poetry wall

Also special thanks to Paulien Bats for her wonderful photographic collages and Owen Allen for running workshops and coming from Atherton to do this!

Awesome !!!

Three Readers at Ripple