Poetry Box Spell

For Mrs Bryde’s Year 3- 5 Class

“What should we put in the box Miss?”

Zip to write, and zap to tell
This is a creative spell.

Children begin to dream and remember
The magic wand of imagination zips and zaps.
A golden mare prances into the box,
While Sister Time rides a unicorn with a fox.

Honesty, her sister rubs a jade lamp
And out fly the laughs of all baby brothers
Not to mention all of their mothers.

Honesty holds the laughs between her hands
Like a sword to slay the hungry dragon in the sands.

His stomach is now filled with laughs
No more room for little girls and boys.

The Dragon’s name came from
A horse named “Bubbles”
When you get to know him he’s really
No trouble.

On and on the words are mixed
Into a box of dreams and a box of dragons.
Now writing can be your magic
Full of happiness, as well as tragic.

Find yourself under the spell of words
So you can fly high with the poetry birds.

Eagle, phoenix, owl, raven or crow
Take your myth and make a bow.

Aim the arrow high and reach your mark
You have found your creative spark.

June Perkins

Rippling on Project, written during time taking creative classes for Feluga State School.


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