New in Town

identity boots 2- self portrait flag and feet
More than my Birth Flag- June Perkins

Being new
means you can reinvent
who you were
if you wish

If you wish
to be free of definitions
that were given with birth &
at school

At school
where people may have defined you
in terms of your family
class, colour, country & skin

Class, colour, country & skin
what are these things really
but external ways
some choose to decide who you are & determine
your opportunity?

Your opportunity
to be decided by history, chance, fate?
But maybe not now
you can be new in
time, place, space

Time, place, space
to reinvent to say, ‘look beyond my place of birth &
my face’

Your face
with so much more beneath
jaws bones just like any others
eyes all your own that tap into

to reinvent, move freely,
& become something
you really want to be

You really want to be
unconstrained by stereotypes
limitations & hatreds
that oppress
the human spirit

The human spirit
is more than simple definitions
You are more than
country, class, skin

By June Perkins

identity boots 1- being me?
Identity Boots? – June Perkins

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