Fruit for Peace

running boy3
Running Boy – June Perkins

It began by taking without asking
children stealing tempting fruit from the tree.

It ended with peace keeping over the fence
a request to ask before taking.

I found that my heart can’t keep grudges
it is forgiving at the core.

The ants bit me sharply
but the children seemed to listen
and began to ask.

Next time I’ll remind them
of the magic word.

If only all problems were this simple
and kindness could overcome
temptation to do the wrong thing and
things much deeper like
loneliness, madness, hatred.

Somewhere in Boston explosions rocked the day
I found myself thinking whoever did that was once a child.

What happened to their hearts?
Did they take without asking?

Did others take from them without asking?
What led to someone wanting to hurt so many people?

Standing at the finish line of my day
I wonder what magic words will make those who lost someone today
able to forgive.

Justice stings the situation
this is no simple taking of a piece of fruit.

I wonder if there is anywhere we can all run
and find the fruits of our labours
to build the world where all will be safe.

By June Perkins


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