Anthem to the Green Tree Frog – Susan Hawthorne

green tree frog friend
Green Tree Frog – By June Perkins

Tonight you woke me
from my half-sleep state

a croak to wake the dead
right next to the screen

door of the bedroom
daily I wonder at the

painted glee of your
colour, green so green

it would make the Irish
envious–I find you sitting

in camouflage on the
edge of a leaf or, as

tonight, belly-flat against
the glass door waiting for

insects–I’ve found you
visible as daylight and still

as the soughing night air atop
the iron railings–you play

tricks on tourists hiding
inside the flange of the toilet

bowl so forever after they’ll
see those tiny flat-ended

hands grasping–it’s humour
and the joy of colour–and of

course the midnight croak
presaging the wet season

By Susan Hawthorne

Susan’s poem featured in the original Ripple Poetry Wall. She is a very accomplished poet. This poem was published in Best Australian Poems, 2008.  Thanks Susan for sharing it with us.

Susan Blogs and will soon have a verse novel out.   Limen:


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