Blowing Soap Bubbles

blowing bubbles 7
Blowing Bubbles – By June Perkins

These rainbow globes
glide gracefully
in floating swirls
of atmosphere.

Their fragile skin’s
a soapy layer
a clutch of air.

What forces play
upon their dance?
The push and lift
of air’s advance.

blowing bubbles 5
Blowing Bubbles – June Perkins

But when that air
is calm and still
Earth’s gravity
shall have its will.

They’ll slowly sink
and gently drop.
Then kiss the ground.
A soft wet pop!

by Celia Berrell

Celia created this poem to accompany The Primary Connections Science workbook titled “Smooth Moves” where young students study different forms of movement. In this case it is focusing on air and gravity.

You can find more of Celia’s work at  Science Rhymes.

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