New Day Dawning

                                                     Taken by David Perkins

Sleeping beauties
now Tsunamis.

Waves of sleep
waves of ocean
weekend mornings
nightmare’s yawning.

The city’s parades’ loud raucous calls,
the country singers under the stars.

Morning papers
cuppa tea
quakes here and there
warnings come and go
some to higher ground
do flow.

Connecting and disconnecting,
people come and people go
people lonely,
people happy.

Waves of depression
cross the World
People need hope
hope seeks them.

Seek no building or bridge
seek the open arms
and cuppa tea.

Light entertainment
surrounds the news
waves of silliness
waves of laughter.

Ripples come
and ripples go.

Fashions come
fashions go.

Still the open arms
and cuppa tea
beckon across the sea.

New Day dawning?

By June Perkins

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