Thank you so much to all those following Ripple Poetry.  Just sharing a milestone for the blog – we now have 50 Followers.

More dear guest poet friends coming soon.

This week I had the great honour of interviewing and spending time with Alesa Lajana, a fabulous song writer with heart, conviction and immense talent. She is so humble.

Alesa shared her organic creative process and some information about a very special inspirational Hidden Histories project, which we are all going to be hearing a lot more about in months to come.


For Alesa

Some we know for years
& never really know

others we meet for a moment
& understand

Some take the road to understanding

whilst others forever run from
truths that set them free

It’s woven in stories
in the hearts of those we meet

& shifting in the rhythm
of their journey feet

By June Perkins

You can check out Alesa Lajana’s work on her site 
She has two albums, Celtic Gypsy and Secret Garden.


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