Hollow Men


Suited men
giving press conferences
to justify their decisions

Hollow audits
from yes men
who know the lines they have to say

research results on demand
with little grounding in the real
of people everyday

cutting funds to research
health, education
and the people’s press
always putting the blame
on the people of the past

trying to convince us
‘well it’s their fault we’re here giving you tough love’

Where has justice gone
is she dormant in the centre
of the land telling us to sing for her
to wake?

Now the Hollow men are out and marching
buying more military protection
putting up the wages of
all the Hollow men
insulting us with ‘you’re just bleeding hearts’

hiding things
and hiring more yes men

powerful people
pulling puppet strings
made of steel and gilded
with snatched dreams

asking others to make sacrifices and themselves
making none

Hollow men trampeding in our nightmares
silencing our words

Does this remind you
of history past

and other Hollow men
and their deeds?

Will people stay silent
because they just might lose their
public jobs?

Will the Hollow men win
and people begin to believe
their yes men
in their Hollow suits?

Will they keep robbing the future
and sing their gleeful refrain

‘well it’s all the fault of the people of the past
and you will have to pay
and pay
and pay?’

(c) June Perkins


It’s always interesting to think about polemical poetry and it’s pros and cons.

I think of the song Pink wrote, the letter to the President.  Absolutely beautiful and powerful, and expressive of frustration. 

Do you have a question burning that you need answered, perhaps a letter format is another way to write what I have written above.

See the song here: Mr President


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