This wheel doesn’t turn


Image Credit Creative Commons, some rights reserved Michael Scott

This wheel doesn’t turn
the way that it should
it just has a soul of its own.

Frustration is crawling
under my skin
wheeling all over my day.

This wheel doesn’t turn
the way that it should
left is right
right is left
how I wish it would burn.

This feral stray
ignores toddlers’ screaming dismay
This suburban dragon metal
Oh how I long it a kettle.

I want to escape
but not sure that I can
with a wheel that
don’t want to turn.

Time now I be a knight
train this disobedient trolley
left for left
right for right
but it’s an unruly
windy upturned brolley.

So now I use logic’s magic
take left for right
and right for left
to help us out through the maze.

I think we can, I think we can
ride our dragon
beyond this shopping malaise
reclaim our souls as our own
valiantly take the dreaded shopping home.

(c) June Perkins

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