PiBoIdMo and all that jazz

Some news, and where I will be during November.

Pearlz Dreaming


I’ve done Nanowrimo (that novel is stil waiting for a reboot as a young adult fantasy piece).  What an experience that was.

Those characters still call me and say,  ‘when are you going to do something about me?’

‘Sorry guys I will listen to you soon, promise, on my to do list, ‘  I reply with my fingers crossed behind my back, and a pair of runners begging to be put on my feet.  Well seriously I did have a few friends reading it and they did want to know what was going to happen so one day I will get my act together.

This year I am going to participate in PiBoIdmo for the first time.  The idea is to generate 30 ideas for picture books in 30 days.  Considering I have presently completed  only one(and it has been sent off to a publisher for consideration, cross…

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We are made of tears

Bereavement Room In a room to pretend for a short time we had a normal family life our baby celebrating with us but there's no sound of her tears what we would give for her cries. In that space we discover small gifts from those who have lost their loved tiny ones only to be … Continue reading We are made of tears

It’s only the beginning

I can't censor it my imaginary name for you forward rolls out of my mouth 'Dan Nomad.' You laugh at my guess at your name, shake your head 'Jackson Wheeler' you gently reply. 'The Deborah Conway song 'It's only the Beginning' pops into my head my mind is lost daisy chains are made I am … Continue reading It’s only the beginning

Pathways to ….

Pearlz Dreaming

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This one goes out to all of my readers making decisions at cross roads of their lives.  I am doing a lot of planning this week, after a friend asked me some questions about what I wanted to do with my writing and how I was going to do it.  I am taking a deep breath and then moving to the pathways!

I am picking out a path
to navigate my life
standing at the mid point
wanting to move forward.

I am looking to within
through the dreams that
I still have.

North, South, East, West
which way is best?

I am searching for some focus
reflecting where
the confirmations blossom
and the path only dead ends

Or perhaps needs a push down
of the walls.

Birthdays come and go
people come and go
but the constants
love, compassion, wisdom?
stay in my journey’s pocket.

I reflect
on the…

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