Pink Paisley Dress

Pink Paisley Summer Dress

The best thing is material so thin
prevents me boiling
inside my skin
so I embrace the summertime.

No, the best thing is  doesn’t weigh me down
makes me feel like I have hips to sway
and time to play in the
dancing ocean.

No, the best thing is mix of pinks and purples
weaving memories of sunsets
in special places
with the ones I love.

No the best thing is pencil thin straps
so my arms can move freely
so my thoughts move freely.

No, the  absolute best thing is
so comfortable pretty paisley soft,
yet functional,
makes me feel like writing.

(c) June Perkins


I thought I would try some ideas for poetry from Joyce Sidman’s website .
Why not just begin from the top and work my way down.
The first suggestion being the best thing poem.
I’ll follow her instructions the first time and then maybe play with the idea for a second object in a couple of days.
She has twenty ideas so that should (if I do 2 poems) in each suggested idea give me 40 poems.
I’ll come back to Jackson and Miranda’s story every now and then, maybe even apply some of these poetry ideas there.
Sound like fun to you, why not join in and work through the ideas as well.

One thought on “Pink Paisley Dress

  1. Reblogged this on Pearlz Dreaming and commented:

    I am still doing piboidmo and working on a chapter book (and yesterday had a breakthrough on how to approach the middle section of the book), but as you know I love poetry. Here is my current poetry challenge.

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