Stepping into the Limelight

moon from mt cootha
Moon over Brisbane Lights – June Perkins

This year I hope to share lots of poems from friends and myself on the theme of light.  Why?

It is the International Year of Light.   

Here is the first offering from Celia Berrell of science rhymes. ‘Stepping into the Limelight’

Stepping into the Limelight

Before the days
of dazzling electricity
nocturnal shadows
shrouded performers in gloom.

A candlelit room offered
only tepid flickering for bravados.

Then charismatic chemistry
came to the show.
Quicklime (calcium oxide)
seared to two and a half
thousand degrees Celsius
caused a sizzling sensation
at Covent Gardens in 1837.

Torched nodules of lime
radiate a fanfare of photons
that splash radiance on those
who dare to step into its limelight.

So eminently white
and applaudingly bright!

Now it’s our turn to shine.

(c)  Celia Berrell

Circles of Light
Circles of Natural Light – June Perkins

Celia says, ‘I’m celebrating the International Year of Light and light technologies by appreciating one of the aspects of our somewhat hazardous history of brilliance.’

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