This poem is featured in After Yasi, Finding the Smile Within.  

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Box painted by Barbara Baker Johns

There’s a lady with coloured birds
who knows how to breathe
long and deep
from head to toe
all through her body.

She told me it’s easy to take the
thoughts and put them aside
good or indifferent, stressed or
restless and
just breathe

in and out watching the breath
aware of the presence
that keeps us alive
taking in the oxygen
forgetting all else but this

She tells us not to sleep
as we become aware of each toe
and each part of our hand

And our chests rising and falling
our thoughts are not welling up stillness
except for the breath.

But someone is snoring because
she has become so calm
but that is alright too
as she is free for a moment

from the broken tarp rooves
wind gusts
insurance companies
and all that interrupts
the breath

And she breathes…

In goes the pain
but out comes a dream
a dream of a calm sea
and a green rainforest
but she must let go even of this
future dream
and breathe.

Sinking in as she leans
on a chair and feels all the tension
drift away
fall away and she can fly
in a way
she can swim in a way

With the breath . . .

By June Perkins

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The After Yasi Blog Tour includes visits to:
Jan 27   (Tuesday)  ABC Open  (guest blog, June Perkins, storytelling tips)
Jan 27   Karen Tyrrell
Jan 28 (Wednesday)  Dimity Powell (interview)
Jan 29 (Thursday) Charmaine Clancy (guest blog)
Jan 30  (Friday) Michele D’Acosta
Jan 30 Jedda Bradley  – (interview)
Jan 31 (Saturday) Carol Campbell  (review)
Jan 31  (Saturday) Gail Kavanagh  (review)
Feb 1 (Sunday) Owen Allen (focus Dance)
Feb 2  Ali Stegert (Monday)
Feb 3   Melinda Irvine
Feb 3   Wrap up and thankyou blog from June
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