Unicef – Australia – Detention children in their own words.

Lost children, fleeing children
children welcome, children free
children singing, children seen
children free, children welcome

Welcome children, free children
seen children, singing children
free children, welcome children
children fleeing, children Lost.

(c) June Perkins


A Palindrome Poem to welcome the Asylum Seeker children to our shores, and  inviting other poets and Australians to join the call to free them from detention.

See UNICEF AUSTRALIA. Also see the following report  The Forgotten Children

#freethechildren – post your poem or support for the freedom of the Asylum Seeker Children.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Reblogged this on Pearlz Dreaming and commented:

    The Detention of refugee boat children is set to become a human rights issue. Unicef Australia issued quotes from children in detention – Asylum Seeks in their own words. Will you join the call to free them?

  2. It is a travesty and it disgusts me that I am put in with those who do this simply because I live in this country, it is not something I agree with or something that I even remotely think should be happening, what our government is doing is criminal and charges should be brought against them. I wish I knew what more I could do.

    1. There is much we can do through being aware that this needs to be beyond a political issue and is an issue of human rights. The public pressure must become so high something is done. Supporting Amnesty International, UNICEF, the human rights commission, and the massive NGO effort that is beginning to say we need to change this and welcome the children is vital. Time to see community humanity and to educate what may have caused this to become policy in the first place.

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