Messages to Cyclone Marcia

Marcia, oh Marcia
some panic at the torment you could cause,
but I think you’re just a little sister to
some brothers called Larry and Yasi,
and you might throw a tanty and cause some havoc
but you’re a little sister,
and that makes me relieved.

Marcia, oh Marcia,
stop deciding to get bossy
tough, bigger, fiercer.
Let’s just get this straight.
You don’t need to become a big sister.
I think category 2 was quite enough.
You don’t need to become 3
– seriously the smaller you are the better.
There are so many advantages.
Why not even become a 1.

Marcia, oh Marcia
just remember to not cause too much
damage or disruption as mortals
we just can’t put up with too much of it
although we have proven capacity
we’d rather concentrate on fixing
the problems we create
without having to deal with you.

Marcia, oh Marcia.

Typical, you’re just not listening Marcia.

Isn’t that just the thing that tantruming toddlers
do right at the checkout
where the sweets used to be strategically placed.

Category 4 – Now I’m telling you that is just not on.

You can huff and puff and blow everyone’s houses inside out
sure, but do you really need to do that.

I mean there must be better things for you to do.
There is a lovely ocean view somewhere
without many people around. hint, hint…

Now I don’t want you getting any ideas about heading to
any vulnerable islands, or any other places
not keen for your arrival.

Just go and blow yourself out.
Go on – I dare you.

(c) June Perkins


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10 thoughts on “Messages to Cyclone Marcia

  1. I thought of you when I saw the weather report for Queensland and northern NSW last night. I hope you and my friends and relatives in that part of the world aren’t getting too drenched. I agree – 2 is much better than 3 in this situation.

  2. Good work for doing your best to put Marcia in her place June – maybe if everyone in Brissy huffs and puffs you can counter her vicious winds and blow her completely away. Good luck to all on the Qld coastline in her path – we share your concerns up here in the Top End with our own wolf circling around trying to be a menace.

    1. Definitely checking up on the area. Some people have decided to do some small scale assistance to the area. You can see discussion of it on my wall.

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