My Home Blog – Ten Year Anniversary


Thankyou so much for following the Ripply poetry blog.  You are obviously a big fan of poetry.

I have been delighted with the growth of this blog.  Nearly a 150 more people since the start of year.

It means so much that people regularly visit the blog and read the poems from myself and friends.

Just letting you know it’s coming up to  my home blog, Pearlz Dreaming’s, ten year anniversary!

Can you help me reach 2000 followers?*

In other exciting news there is a poetry book project well underway for completion and release next year?

Would love it if you and your friends joined the journey.

I share my poetry films on my home blog.

Follow  Pearlz Dreaming Blog Here.

*new goal as 1000 reached, so now aiming for 2000 and lots more engagement.


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