Point by Point

Flight hands – by June Perkins

If I met you face to face, I
would retrace—erase!—my heartbreak,
pain by pain,
ache by ache,
word by word,
point by point.

In search of you—just your face!—I
roam through the streets lost in disgrace,
house to house,
lane to lane,
place to place,
door to door.

My heart hopeless—broken,crushed!—I
heard it pound, till blood gushed from me,
fountain by fountain,
stream by stream,
river by river,
sea by sea.

2014-12-14 126
Golden Water – June Perkins

The garden of your lips—your cheeks!—
your perfumed hair, I wonder there,
bloom to bloom,
rose to rose,
petal to petal,
scent to scent.

Tropical Rose – June Perkins

Your eyebrow—your eye!—and the mole
on your face, somehow they tie me,
trait to trait,
kindness to kindness,
passion to passion,
love to love.

While I grieve, with love—your love!—I
will reweave the fabric of my soul,
stitch by stitch,
thread by thread,
warp by warp,
woof by woof.

Frangipani Girl – June Perkins

Last, I—Tahirih—searched my heart, I
looked line by line. What did I find?

You and you,
you and you,
you and you.

By Tahirih

To find more of the beautiful poetry of Tahirih and read about her life, CLICK HERE.

There are many readings  at the above site which has been put together by Hussein Ahdieh & Hillary Chapman who are writing a book about her.  Tahirih a 19th Century woman still inspires many today with her life, faith, story and poetry.

Images above, (c) June Perkins


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