Searching for Poems

Even when I am not writing
I am.

Seeing things like statues
in the park
makes me wonder
why they were put there.

A statue of  perhaps local Indigenous people
a family
at the water
is a tribute to first peoples
making them ever present.

Does it mourn the massacres
or celebrate their survival?

I need to find out more.

I like to stop
to photograph tiny details
like grasses of different
textures and maybe later
I will ask my friends who
know plants well – ‘What’s this one called?

I love the wildlife so close
everywhere in Brisbane city.
Someone was thoughtful at town planning
and valued keeping small pockets
of land for lakes
and ponds especially for the birds.

The swamp hens and the ibis are so close.

Sometimes one could
almost forget the traffic surrounds
and mini sky scrapers
going up and up.

Brisbane what is your hidden history
what are your hidden stories?

As as writer I search for your poems
try to make sense of you
as a place.


(c) June Perkins 26/04/2015

7 thoughts on “Searching for Poems

  1. That’s an interesting observation about the sculpture of people at the river. Maybe it’s one of those works of art where you find what you want or need within in. One day it might look a sculpture depicting survival, another day – celebration, another day – defeat. I think that’s what such things ‘art’ – there is no definitive absolute and single meaning. Even the sculptor may have been thinking about all these things while making the work. It’s the same idea as that of “The Death of the Author” by Roland Barthes. We bring ourselves to the work and help construct its meaning anew with every viewing
    I love your investigation of Brisbane’s Hidden Histories. I’ll visit your FB page to find out more.

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