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Magic Fish Dreaming

Canefield June has captured the heart and spirit of FNQ within the poetry which makes you want to run into a cane field, chase a butterfly or gaze at fig tree.” – Matilda Elliot (image by Matilda)

Matilda Elliot is a freelance Editor/Author who is now based in Cairns after taking several ‘gap years’ to choose where to settle.  She is a mother of adult children, an ex-teacher, a fiancée, a musician, a writer and has a particular passion for helping others reach their potential in their chosen pursuits.

Matilda’s editing experience ranges from academic papers to novels, short stories, poetry anthologies and varies greatly with each new client.  Her numerous short stories are published on ABC Open and ‘Tilly’s Travel’ reviews can be found on Trip Advisor.  

1.How did you come to work on Magic Fish Dreaming?

MATILIDA: After a number of years of staying in touch with Dr Perkins whilst travelling and…

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