Lighting the darkness

So love reading the philosophy of poetic form shared on Suzanne’s blog. If you love Haiku form this post is really worth a visit and a comment.


A Bold New Plan 2016

A special thank you to all those joining this poetry space this year. I have some bold new plans for my blogs next year and am looking forward to redefining these spaces.

Pearlz Dreaming


I have some bold new plans for my blog next year.

After some soul searching I truly know why I want this blog to exist and what I’d like it to achieve.

I am announcing the end of blog tours, although I have truly loved hosting people at the blog and hope you will take the time to leave a comment for the wonderful Karen Tyrrell, and visit any of my visiting writers and stress that this does not mean the end of visitors, far from it.

New directions! You’ll just have to wait and see.

This year has been a year of working out why I write, who for, and achieving some long held goals.

I’ve met some truly incredible mentors, at work, writing groups, public talks, and in the global cyberspace. I’ve also rediscovered a love of research!

Right now, a new logo is in the works, the…

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