Pulp Western

Another one from Paul.

Poesy plus Polemics

Louis L'Amour Portrait by Fred Pfeiffer from fredpfeifferartist.blogspot.com Louis L’Amour
Portrait by Fred Pfeiffer
from fredpfeifferartist.blogspot.com

(Regarding Louis L’Amour)

unclean heroes
find dust and mud
mission in antique
morality tales
standing up against
black hearts the
scorched soulless
gunmen of lawless
frontiers leather
loyalties animate
bile and bloodlust
for rustic cut justice

stark panoramas
give stage to droll
sagas of sage and
saguaro red rocks
tower prominent
primitive sentinels
marking old trails
through meandering
canyons dry gulches
where rustlers and
outlaws hole up
between felonies

crude prairie towns
stick built for vice
homely housed
behind false fronted
dens of iniquity
gamblers bordellos
all manner of rogues
painting intrigues
in violent colors
fierce clashes of black
hats with white hats
horse opera clichés

romanticized virtues
play out in saloons
with brass spittoon
etiquettes aces and
eights stained by
gunsmoke and guile
famous figures who
temper the fiction
familiarize history
rowdy raw characters
give great escape
from a dull afternoon

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