Sunbird’s Wings

A Thousand Healing Haiku


For Junko

Time blossoms music
Junko performs for children
Traditions she learns

Frog origami
Whispering to Northerners
Understand my loss

Waves of glistening tears
Scaling walls with grieving heart
Hope for sunbird’s wings


(c) June Perkins

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Melissa Shaw-Smith

Sudden rush of feathers
draughting the air above me
small flocks of careening birds
fly low over the meadow
chased by strong tail winds
a dozen at a time joining
the twisting, turning mass
flowing across the evening sky
out over the lake, back over the trees
a pulsing organism, feinting left and right
like black drops of ink swirled in water
and then, on signal, they descend
in chattering swarms into the reed beds
their shrill conversations fill the air—
a murmuration of starlings at day’s end.

Swarms-and-starling-murmurationAmazing Starlings!

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