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Delighted to have ‘First Day’ published at the Australian Children’s Poetry Blog.

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First Day

Are you ready for a big tomorrow

listening, leap frogging,

growing learning’s wings?

Are you ready for a big tomorrow

singing, seeking friends,  perhaps

learning not to cling?

Will you notice as

your tomorrows become todays

patterned by

the daily school bell rings?

Will you find each day might

have a surprise

like a snake catcher visiting with

super thin snake skin?

Are you ready for a big tomorrow

As your school journey begins?

June Perkins

Submitted in response to Poetry Prompt #4


June said: With ‘First Day’ I started with the idea of a ‘big tomorrow’, and thought about yesterday, today, tomorrow, routines and surprises.

I also remembered a time when my son had a snake catcher visit his school and so the poem was born.

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This weeks writing prompt on Australian Children’s Poetry!

Welcome to our Monday poetry prompt for this week. With the school holidays almost at an end I’ve based this week’s writing inspiration around the return to the classroom. Let’s see what you come up with – funny, quirky, sad or serious, rhyming or non-rhyming, the choice is yours. It’s always exciting to receive your […]

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I am currently trying simultaneous narratives as suggested by Hazel Smith in The Writing Experiment, Strategies for Innovative Creative Writing – and having a great time innovating my poetry practice with this kind of structure.

I love the idea of a poem that can read in three ways!

I can’t share this work yet as I am submitting it to places for publication or competitions, but yesterday was a fabulous poetry morning, and I drafted a long piece with a series of poetic variations drawing upon some of my favourite plants and music.

How do you innovate your poetry practice?


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Sharing the Magic of Poetry

Magic Fish Dreaming

doyoulikefishingPhotographs for this story by Sheridan Perkins

It was a magical day of discovering and hunting for poems at Riverbend bookshop.

Vicky from Riverbend books gave a warm introduction, and shared that our book was crowd funded, beautifully done, and well supported by the local community.

I let our audience know where the book was set, but think maybe next time I might need a compass for this.

I found out that nearly all our audience loved fishing!  Which is great as we have two poems on fishing in the book.  I read ‘Wishing for a Fish’.

It was lovely to hear some laughter when ‘Discovering Magic’ was read!  To have the jokes of this poem appreciated was awesome.

When I asked them what they would wish from a fairy’s tooth, one child said she would love to fly.

The perfect opportunity to read a poem about birds next.  I…

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The Book Arrives

Magic Fish Dreaming


I’m sitting my favourite chair reading Magic Fish Dreaming and dreaming about my childhood. Jocelyn, Brisbane.

The precious parcel arrived safely and we’re delighted with the books, the kookaburra and all… You can be very proud of this publication. One of the extended family was visiting yesterday. She was in Year 4 this year. She started reading and ignored the conversation. I asked what poem she liked the most…it was ‘Beyond Caterpillar Days’. 10 year old Bronson’s favourite poem is ‘Geckos’ Dance’ Pam, FN.QLD

To our dear friend June. Thank you for Magic Fish Dreaming. We love it. To me it is evocative of the days we spent living in Koala Park and our cat bringing cane toads onto our bed at night..hot hot days and the balmy evenings with no long sunset…the night noises of the Queensland critters! Eva loves the poem Magic Fish Dreaming. She has asked me…

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