Ballad of the Boots

  Son to Mum My boots are made for sleeping I’ll never take them off again. My feet are made for keeping Those leathery brown boots. My heart is made for boots They are the world to me & if you take them off me Mum I’ll scream the whole house down. My boots they … Continue reading Ballad of the Boots

Country Boys and Country Girls

A song lyric Country boys and country girls dream more than sugar cane. Country boys and country girls want more than endless rain. They’re picking stars from skies above. They’re catching pieces of the moonlight. They’re running to the canopies of light. Country boys and country girls often hide their pain but they’re still holding … Continue reading Country Boys and Country Girls


“We cherish the hope that through the loving-kindness of the All-Wise, the All-Knowing, obscuring dust may be dispelled and the power of perception enhanced, that the people may discover the purpose for which they have been called into being.” Tablets of Baha’u’llah, Ṭarázát (Ornaments) Dust obscuring covering settling coating the everyday of the soul in … Continue reading Dust

Literature Bird – Write Me a Poem

Magic Fish Dreaming

Literature Bird, by Geson Rathnow

This bird of paper and feathers
sings, ‘Write me a poem
make me from words or letters
on my body like
mer att.

Perhaps imagine
my textures
stone, feather
paper maiche
and find poetic
ways to make someone feel me
through your words.

Maybe you love shape poems
and will make you poem
just like a wing
or a feather.

Maybe think of other literature
like Edgar Allan Poe’s Raven
or a sparrow with Thumbelina
or a bird that your gran likes?

Maybe I am nothing like those birds
or perhaps I am just the same?
Compare me.

Do you know a famous poet
who likes to call for me everyday?
Perhaps we can have a conversation?

Perhaps you could imagine how I might
Does my bird song sound like this att att
mer mer?

Do you have a chorus for me,

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