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Thanks to Colleen for this repost and to the original poster Stephanie Katz.  I will be studying these journals.


This is a share from the Authors Publish.com newsletter: 11 Literary Journals that Accept Prose Poetry Written by A Guest Author for Authors Publish.com | July 26, 2018 – By Stephanie Katz Prose poetry blurs the lines between genres by looking like prose, but sounding like poetry. While there is no set structure for the prose […]

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Poet at Play 4: Writing inspired by Art

Sonja Carmichael, Deranji Dabayil (Rocky place, healing waters): Baskets of Culture 2017 Courtesy Queensland Art Gallery

At the moment I am working on something special: writing inspired by art for QAGOMA. Later on this year my writing will go in display in the gallery alongside the art works.

The process so far has included exploring the art in the Australian Collection of the gallery and absorbing the atmosphere the art is displayed in and finding out the parameters of the project from the Engagement staff.

I am hoping to use some of my writing for children background in the works, and considering the way a narrative might weave stories out of the art works as well as employing poetic techniques in my response work.

As part of this journey I have been researching the works, their artists, and  the intentions and materials of the artists.  This is easy to do via the captions with the work, and the website of the QAGOMA which is packed with information, and sometimes includes things like video interviews with the artists.

That’s all I can say for now but will let you know when the writing will be on display and would love to know who has seen it and what their responses are.

I am very excited to be part of a project were different art forms inspire each other.


 Michael Stevenson The gift (from ‘Argonauts of the Timor Sea’) 2004-2006 and through the circle Alick Tipoti works, Kudusor, Courtesy of the Queensland Art Gallery

If you have ever been to an art gallery for inspiration for your writing do let me know. 

Mermaids and Monster Trucks


Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys
they love to drive their Monster trucks.

Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls
swimming with the dolphins
go the Mermaid Girls.

Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys
Now they go to school
Could there be a duel?

Mermaid Girls watch the Monster Truck Boys.
Monster Truck Boys watch the Mermaid Girls.

Mermaid Girls, Mermaid Girls
super diving Mermaid Girls.

Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys
super driving monster trucks.

Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys
They’re playing at magic school
which has a friendly rule.

Mermaid Girls can play with Monster Truck Boys.
Monster Truck Boys can play with Mermaid Girls.

Mermaid Girls talk to Monster Truck Boys.
Monster Truck Boys talk to Mermaid Girls.

Soon Monster Truck Boys
like swimming in the sea.
They’re jumping and bumping
in the sea.

Now Mermaid Girls
like driving monster trucks
as if they’re giant seals.

Mermaid Girls and Monster Truck Boys
They’re all cool
And they all love school.
Their friendships are like jewels.

Monster Truck Boys, Monster Truck Boys
swimming with the dolphins
now they’re Mermaid Boys.

Mermaid Girls, Mermaid girls
Super driving, super dreaming

Now they’re Monster Truck Girls.

(c) June Perkins, first appeared July 18th 2018, on Australian Children’s Poetry

Spotlight on June Perkins

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

About June:

I am presently working on two sequels to my first full length collection, Magic Fish Dreaming,  https://magicfishdreaming.com/ and dearly hope to find traditional publishers for them or to crowd fund them.  

One is another collection of poetry for children filled with a sense of magical realism, fun and optimism, and the other is especially for mothers who might have fallen in love with the poetry of Magic Fish Dreaming, and will include both poetry and prose reflections on mothering and being mothered.  

I have been keeping a poetry blog for several years, https://ripplepoetry.wordpress.com and am presently blogging on the topic of how poets play with words and images to make their poems https://ripplepoetry.wordpress.com/2018/05/30/poetatplay2/


We came
Sang, shared sisterhood
Brotherhood, unity, treasure hunts

Things sing
To the heart
Picking a song’s tune

In camp
Everywhere we walk
Glow worms in…

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Scribble Leaves

Scribble Leaves – June Perkins

What does the writing
on the leaves

Who put it there?
human or Great Spirit?

Hugging Heritage – June Perkins

Wrap your arms
green life.

Wrap your arms
the source
of your breath.

Wrap yourself
the story
of the carving.

(c) June Perkins all rights reserved words and images

First posted on this blog in 2015


Lullabies and cradle songs

Writing a Lullaby

I am thinking about cradle songs and their origins.
I am thinking of their patterns and intent.
I am planning a poem about a refugee mother singing a lullaby.
That lullaby is full of love and hope.
That lullaby comforts them both.
I am imagining where she sings that song.
I am seeing her when she knows that hope is gone.
I am seeing her pick herself up and keep on dreaming on.
Will you join me and listen to her song?
Will you put yourself into her journey?
Will you welcome her to your shores?
Will you add your own verse?

(c) Image and words