Writing Sisters of the North Visiting Words and Pictures

Carol Libke and June Perkins at the Queensland Art Gallery, September 2018.

It was a delight to catch up with my writing sister (by the bonds of writing and living in the Far North Queensland related), Carol Libke, from Far North Queensland, and to take her on a tour of my writing in  ‘Words and Pictures.’

The writers of the Far North are special to me, because they accepted some of my work for an anthology many years ago. The poem, ‘Grumpy Fisherman’ inspired by the theme ripples, was later to become the inspiration for the Magic Fish Dreaming poetry book. Furthermore, they invited me to attend and read at a Cairns Writer’s Festival lead up event, and to be on panels on digital storytelling and blogging. Carol attended a workshop in Mission Beach, and we stayed in touch when I moved to Brisbane.

Mission Beach Workshop after Cyclone Yasi

We had a great yarn up about writing, health, family, the state of Australia and how nobody should be defined by the place they are born or live in in a way that doesn’t enable them to live their dreams.  Both of us had spent time in our early life living in areas with a dodgy reputation. Carol told me that she interviewed Ray Crooke many years ago, so she took a photograph of me in front of one of his paintings on display. The photograph of both us features Bannon Falls, and also possibly one of my favourite paintings, by Sydney Long, Spirit of the Plains.

Extract from Woman With Blossoms

For those who can’t see, even in places
where touch is forbidden, there are ways
to journey into art

(Perceval’s Angel)

As she stands in the doorway
Feel her face – unwrinkled
Smell the flower in her hair – frangipani
Carry the basket in her hands- useful.
Go through the open door behind her . . .

By June Perkins

(read the rest of this work in exhibition or at this pdf until November)

June Perkins, with her writing inspired by Ray Crooke’s, Woman with Blossoms, Queensland Art Gallery, September 2017


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