Rainbow Writers of Gumburu


I found this piece in my archives. It is about a writer’s retreat.  It conjured some curious memories.


We are the rainbow writers arriving on Mount Spec

Merry, animated and adventurous will be our days.

We’re rational and petulant in our devotion to our craft.

We do not want to linger under procrastination’s spell.


A few of us will gather in the belfry

Our morning’s meditations will sing

Mountain’s muse with us come and dwell.


Hark to the days and nights where we yarn

Pumpkin competitions gone oh so very wrong,

Ugly sheep wearing sunglasses,

Woman losing bikini in the flowing tide,

Chivalrous friends protecting the dignity of those

With bladder problems

Upturned tin canoes –

Fun and perilous depending on your perspective

Police escorts to writer’s meetings

When lost in a maze called Brisbane

A legend of a man and a wheelbarrow

And a husband reads to his dear one sitting in the room.


I am sorry I have no embarrassing moments to share

Only poignant ones that might dampen

The laughter of evening’s cheer.


Zealous in unpacking prejudice from many angles

We see the bulldozer sweep away racism’s walls

And in the clearing is a lady with multi-coloured family

Not just a part of her landscape for

She is Australia’s growing tide.


Creative souls gathering on the mountain

Have chosen many pathways to the Great Spirit,

Christian, Buddhist, Baha’i, Spiritualist,

Lovers of the environment and perhaps even

The words of Don Mclean’s American Pie.


Who is scared of the Spirit man

Watching at the window?

Quick I say, ‘breathe out any negative thoughts on this spirit

For methinks our words have beckoned him.

He is a muse listening to word weavings

A character waiting for us to breathe life into him.’

I wonder if he’s my Bubu

Behold there’s his daughter, my mother

swallowing the dreaming lights.


I came here as a stranger, a poet and a mother

I left  with a new song about the cane fields

And the thick web of writer’s and actors words of wisdom

To delicately remember

In all the hues of the rainbows on the mountain.


(c) June Perkins aka gumbootspearlz




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