Obligation of the Octopus

  Arms with minds of their own. A body that can morph through openings. Three hearts beating boom, boom, boom to the call of the ocean. Like escapologists obligated when opportunity presents itself to freedom beyond the tank. Blue blood beating, beating, beating. Octopus of song. Octopus of story. Octopus of science.   By June … Continue reading Obligation of the Octopus

Prompt #26 Baby Shark Dance Prompt

This prompt is going to be fun.

Thanks Australian Children’s Poetry.

My teenagers were telling me high schoolers sing this in the playground to annoy each other.

That’s when you know something has really gone viral.

But I have to admit I had never heard of it until today.

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

Any one of you who has little children, grandchildren or works in a school may have heard this song?

What can you write about Sharks?

Please send poems to:




And this weeks quote:

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What music do you write to?

What music inspires you to write? I like instrumental music with atmosphere.  Violin, Cello, Guitar especially.  Impressionists on the Piano are also quite beautiful. Lindsey Stirling is one of my top picks on the violin. I love that she is sometimes inspired by Writers,  as with Song of the Caged Bird.  She also has no … Continue reading What music do you write to?

Celebrating Creative Friends

Just a few inspirational moments with creative people from this year. I love reading, music, books, henna, and singing. I love collaborating, listening and connecting. I love history, picture books, novels, non fiction. I like studying the craft of writing. I love celebrating people's books, cultures, resilience, beauty. I love people who create sacred spaces … Continue reading Celebrating Creative Friends