The earth we stand on
whether sand, grass, concrete, gravel, dust
is the same earth;
it’s our common ground.
Can you hear it breathe?
I am always inspired by its sounds
ocean, train, nightingale, gospel song
and a little bit of country and blues.

The common ground feels the ache of
salt tears given in hunger and loss
to those who feel invisible
who want shelter
and safety and the transformation of visionary
art that no one should be kept from;
you can’t silence the poets and songwriters
of freedom
and the painters of truth.
Maya Angelou, Albert Namatjira’s, Tahirih
so many more heroes I could name,
they remind us of the common ground.
But to honour them our lives might
find the profound and make it live.

The common ground says, ‘Tell me your story
I care, and
wisdom will be our friend through
dialogue where I listen
and see you not just suffering
but also teaching me, uplifting me,
freeing me.
I tell you persevere, be strong
and you will find me, waiting until
you sense me
your common ground.’

The common ground is singing,’We are
all under one sky;
we are all journeying on one earth;
that ocean surrounding us
does not divides us
but is the blue that connects;
Can you learn to feel its
harmony flow
in all the air around you and
within you?’

The common ground is saying,
‘Everyone has a right
to justice, love, security and safety.
Can you feel your peoples are
to each other like
fingers and hands
legs and toes of one body?
Mountains, valleys, cities
villages, river lands and coastal sands
breathe, but sometimes in agony
they hold their breath.
We flow, we brace ourselves,
we cry.
Things in this world right now cut me
and I cannot feel numb
when anyone is hungry, scared or sad.
I need to feel your bare feet touch me
your common ground.’

The common ground is singing a song
to tell us we belong
and sending the rains of understanding
disguised in tests like a tidal wave.
Can we let it wash over us, remake us until
we reach the shores of the
common ground?

(c) June Perkins, words and image.

4 thoughts on “Belonging

  1. Beautiful lines there !!
    “Everyone has a right
    to justice, love, security and safety.” – Very true 🙂

    Please visit and follow my blog too 🙂

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