Sacred Trail

Art courtesy of Leonard Ericks

” Wert thou to hearken to this mortal Bird, then wouldst thou seek the undying chalice and pass by every perishable cup ”
Baha’u’llah, The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys


You sing us to
a place
that is not

where your words
build ladders in
the sky.

You shelter us
so unlike Icarus
burnt by the sun

we will not tumble
and stumble
through the valleys
leading to you

but instead
by feather
you give us wings

to glide

into grace.

By June Perkins


Leonard  Ericks was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Resided, studied and worked in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Costa Rica. He graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design with Honors, and currently resides in Costa Rica, Central America.  Leonard is a painter and sculptor, writes and illustrates children’s books and teaches art.  You can find out more about him on his facebook page.


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