Poetry and Puppets Enhancing the Storytelling Process

I am on a quest to make some puppets for an upcoming storytelling in January! I haven’t made these since my children were little, and then I don’t think I was very ambitious.

Pinterest has been wonderful  for inspiration and I have now set up a special pinboard devoted to this topic.

There are so many ways to make puppets! Some are simple, a combination of socks and paper plates.

See more of this work at Ordinary Life Magic

The process for sock puppets is beautifully broken down in this image.

(Image and some great instructions are at Dragons Are Seldom)

Some are absolute works of art.  See more of this work at  Puppetheap

It is still based on a sock puppet design but it is taken to another level!

This one is just magical, but I can still see some sock puppet influence in it.

But my quest shows me that I could also make interactive props, like masks and head toppers.

Okay so I am inspired.  The design process begins.

First to decide which poems and stories I will do, and therefore which props are needed.

Will I go for a mixture of all of the above?

Will I enlist the help of my artistic daughter?

Once my designs are done, it will be off the craft shops, and a rummage through materials we also have lying around the house.

This is going to be fun!

A big thank you to all the pinterest people,  craft bloggers and artisans who either share the process of how to make these or who just inspire me with the artistry of their puppets.


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