Looking for Names

By June Perkins
Image and Words by June Perkins

I’m looking for names
that have
metre &

Names that
collect &
the characters
in the process
of becoming.

Back stories are in my
adventures caught in the seam
& I follow
the threads.

Stitching brainstorms
I find names
of place &
connected to nature
that sound so pretty with chosen

Even makes me wonder if I could
change my name
would I?

Will I invent a pen name
to find the meaning
metre & the magic?

These names are not out
of a hat
nor random.

They have meaning
movement &

(c)  June Perkins, Words and images
(Poetry for a novel in progress)

26th February 2018



“Cupid has Struck” by June Perkins

Australian Children’s Poetry Website

Cupid has Struck

Labradorprotects duckling,

while cat cuddles fox,

that’s when you can tell

Cupid has struck.

A dog and elephant waterplay,

And chicken warms some puppies,

that’s when you can tell

Cupid has struck.

A dog howls with the owl

giraffe and ostrich nuzzle necks,

that’s when you can tell

Cupid has struck.

These dear ones

love beyond feather, furs and skin;

see friendship

Is more than luck.

Inspired by stories of unusual animal friendships and playful Jazz songs.


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Dream a Character

Image by June Perkins

I dream the beginnings of my story
and see the face of my first character.
Soon I begin to see her friends and allies
her guardians.

I am not sure of her name
and look for meanings that explain
choices she will make
and explain what she will protect.

I dream her dreams.
I see where she will begin and end
and the journey in-between is
free to unfold.

She will both love and hate water;
she will both survive and feel
like all is lost.

Branches to her family
her friends
her nemesis
begin to shape themselves
out of the branches
in the river.

Her face seeds a tree
of her reality.

No more can I say, but
it is time to go on her journey
discover who she is
and what her life means.

June Perkins


Night of Noah

For the People of Townsville and Far North Queensland

The rain began
to fall
and fall

And some
for it had called
but not quite this much.

The rain didn’t care at all
it just wanted to

The water
and tumbled
would it ever end.

It built up
Ross River dam until
it had to be released.

More flood rumbled
and flowed
and flowed.

The people wondered
when it would
then it began again.

Roads closed
and closed

The people stumbled
then picked themselves
and up

The people kept on going
checking devastation
thankful to be with
family and
wanting to be strong

Reaching out
and out

And the rain
kept on falling
falling and then

the sun came out.

June Perkins 6th Feb 2019

Tokens 8 Out Now!


Friends of Tokens Magazine

Issue No. 8 (Winter 2018) is available now!

We welcome back Shirin Sabri with two new sonnets from Czechia, along with a number of other veteran poets and photographers from Australia, Scotland and the U.S.

Newcomers Gail Alberini, Kelly Clark Boldt, Mandana Sabet, Bonnie Samms-Overley, and Harold Tichenor share their remarkable fabric, paint, verbal and photo visions with us, and add Canada as a contributing nation.

Tokens Magazine is not available on line. If you are near the Philadelphia Bahá’í Center you can obtain a copy in the bookstore there. If you live somewhere else please contact James Tichenor at the Bahá’í Center, 2462 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131, inquiring about Tokens Magazine, and we will get a copy out to you post haste!

Our thanks and congratulations go to all who contribute to this collaborative and cooperative effort.

James  Tichenor, Editor

For More Information Visit Tokens Website

How to Create Haiga Poetry — The Faery Whisperer

A great idea from The Faery Whisperer!

Since so many poets are inspired by photos, drawings, paintings, or other images when they compose their poetry, I wanted to add the “Haiga,” a dramatic poetic form to my weekly syllabic poetry challenge starting the first week of February 2019. So, for the new challenge posted on 2/5/19, this will be another acceptable form […]

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