Dream a Character

Image by June Perkins

I dream the beginnings of my story
and see the face of my first character.
Soon I begin to see her friends and allies
her guardians.

I am not sure of her name
and look for meanings that explain
choices she will make
and explain what she will protect.

I dream her dreams.
I see where she will begin and end
and the journey in-between is
free to unfold.

She will both love and hate water;
she will both survive and feel
like all is lost.

Branches to her family
her friends
her nemesis
begin to shape themselves
out of the branches
in the river.

Her face seeds a tree
of her reality.

No more can I say, but
it is time to go on her journey
discover who she is
and what her life means.

June Perkins


9 thoughts on “Dream a Character

    1. Milly as an educator I think everyone has the capacity to find a poetry form that will suit them and speak to them. With so many styles to choose from – it might just be you haven’t found one that feels right. Anyway, right now I am working on a novel and wonder how much of poetry will make it into the style and how much to hold it back.

      1. I think you’re right about everyone having the capacity for poetry in some form. I shared some of my poems on my blog once and no one laughed at me, so that was a bonus! (I must admit I do enjoy writing and reading poems). I remember studying poetry analysis at school and I could never quite grasp the meaning behind the poems like everyone else did, I always interpreted them in a completely different way.
        I think poets must make for very lyrically beautiful writers!

  1. Well there you go! Good on you. As for poetry interpretation that can be very interesting, but hopefully readers of my work can take away their own meaning just for them, and not feel stuck with one meaning from a critic.

    1. Lynette 😉 haha, we’ll see, can’t reveal too much about the new book, so it will be suitably enigmatic about process. But yes, there may be more.

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