Creative Writing Activities for To Be As One Tree – Part 2

Activities to create writing for the leaves.

Be Illumined

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Prompt 1. Turning Over a New Leaf

Think of one Difficulty in the World

Now think of a virtue that would remove it from the world

Turn that into a creative sentence or a few creative sentences  about removing difficulties from the World

Prompt 2. Thankfulness to the Báb

Compose a short thankyou letter or poem to the Báb.

In it you could name gifts of the Báb to the World

What the example of His life has taught you

Prompt 3. Divine Lote-Tree

How can each of us protect the legacy and teachings of the Divine lote-tree

Write a personal pledge I will care for you by . . . (creating unity)

If you like explore poetry forms like Haiku to do any of the above.

Or alternatively write short poems of 3-5 lines.

Step 1: Read and reflect on quotes using the metaphors of…

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