Young Poets Gathering

A poem for a poets gathering . . .

Students enrolled in this online class this year were from or resident in the following countries Equador,  El Salvador, Argentina, Parugay, Argentina, Colombia, USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Bahrian, Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Cambodia, Beijing and Israel.



Wonderful to work with this team (with one absent) to mentor young poets from Cambodia, United States of America, Argentina, Parugay, Argentina, UK, Bahrian, El Salvador, Israel, Beijing, Australia and the UK.

My heart soars with the hopeful message, diversity, questioning, open hearts of these young poets.

Young Writers Online

Poets’ Arising

For Young Writers

2pm in my afternoon

evening and day in theirs

young poets gathering

screen by screen

microphone by microphone

heart by heart.

They share their

thoughts and dreams

with facilitators who listen

beat by beat

metaphor by metaphor

rhyme by rhyme.

Witness words

discourse words

meditating syllables

voice by voice

asking, nurturing, empowering.

Also making us laugh

feel the warmth of a summers day

walk in gardens with hidden meanings

listen and see all the creatures of the ocean.

Each phrase unique

yet, emotions universal.

Each current experience reconnecting

world’s disconnection.

Symphonic souls

note by note


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