After Yasi, Finding the Smile Within

It will soon be the ten year anniversary of Cyclone Yasi. Thinking back to that time is bitter sweet. It was a challenging time, with visual evidence of the destruction all around us, but also a beautiful time of community rebuilding and connection which we will never ever forget.

Magic Fish Dreaming

I recently received a lovely email informing me a Queensland school library informing me had purchased  After Yasi, finding the Smile Within and the teacher librarian wanted to make the pdf of it available to their students and staff.

I was surprised as the book has been gently sitting there, and was produced for the community and only about 50 of these books exist ( it is print on demand) and it hasn’t had an order for sometime.  It was really sad last year that ABC Open where many of the photographs and stories from the cyclone no longer exists and most of the material produced by them is no longer freely available.

I archived all of my posts and videos that I could and have them on my blog and vimeo.

Interestingly next year cyclone Yasi, is coming up to its ten year anniversary.   Last year I was interviewed…

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