For Edward

June pictured with Noel and Edward Broomhall, 2010

Dear childhood art teacher, family friend,

Comforter to many, artist, servant of humanity, believer in the oneness of humanity and unity in diversity.

Remembering your house full of paper and art materials, a rocking horse, and more wonders, of ideas, people, and creative souls, wonderful books, comics, art, photographs and portraits.

Inspirer of my life long appreciation of art.

You and Noel made a place to create, imagine and connect, with many meetings of people from all over the world, including my parents.

Wonderful Broomhall children, forever in my heart, a mini united nations.

Much love to Noel and the children.

And as for Edward M J Broomhall I am sure he is dancing and smiling down at us all in the next world and reunited with old friends, Eve and Dagmar, Ron, my brother Bill, Justin and many more !

This separation from Noel, his beloved will seem but a small breath in eternity.

Very grateful to have known you, Ed and family.

June XXX

Edward passed away on the morning of the 10th of October, in the presence of his family.

An online livestream of the funeral was shared so that many friends and family unable to attend were able to be part of this occassion. His grandchildren presented the song, with trumpet and piano of ‘What a Wonderful World,’ which was followed by A beautiful story of Edward’s life told in his own words, and read by a presenter. Following this was the story of why Edward became a Baha’i. This was followed by a photo tribute of precious family and creative activities and one prayer from ʻAbdu’l-Bahá,

Many of us hope that Edward’s amazing story of a life well lived will one day become a book!

To read more about Edward Visit Humans of Launceston

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