Keep your chin up! Go Running with the Wolves…

Working on new poems, and on being strong! How about you?


Today, after a hiatus to make it through my first semester at university, I thought it would be timely to tackle ways to keep your chin up as we head into another snap lock down, and maybe everyone around you wants to discuss the sorry state of the world’s health, or maybe they just want to forget it all, and are seeming a little uncaring. Ah the balance.

What can we do you think? I am heading into the following list!

1.If you haven’t watched it yet, watch Wolf Walkers!

And learn the song, ‘Running with the Wolves.’ And even better sing it! IF you want some extension maybe read some Fairy Tales for children or adults, or read some deep stuff, Clarissa’s, Women Who Run with Wolves.

2. Work on that unfinished poem or story!

No time like the present. Pull out your notebooks, or look up old…

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Neighbourhood Songs (1)

Playful cockatoos

My neighbourhood is full of birds, cockatoos, ibis, magpies and pigeons.

The magpie song, will be one I can never forget

It has people who care about others in the street.

Who might even lay down their lives for each other

if something fearful should be whispering in the streets

The listener on the doorstep, who feeds all the birds, and takes our bins in and out.

A neighbour full of stories and care.

It has people who left who come back to check on people in the street

because their Nana told them too.

It now has claimed my life for nearly seven years.

It is an old tumbledown house, fixed up rental, made as loving as at it can be.

The people inside are more important than the walls surrounding them.

It is a backyard full of songs and stories, and people watching the stars.

It is a place where the broken hearted gather in their search to be strong.

It is Ridvan stories written on the pavements in multi-coloured chalk.

It is walking with writing friends and their dogs

praying in the park with friends.

It is the place where two books are born and created.

It is the last place my eldest son will live with us before heading off into the world.

It is a place where we discuss world unity, and what will cure COVID 19 and all the other world’s ills.

It is the place of visiting musicians from around the globe, filling our hearts with stories.

My neighbourhood is

a place where people leave shimmers in each other’s lives.

But how can it be closer?

How can it be a hub of unity in diversity?

(c) June Perkins