Happiness is . . .

This week I have been reflecting on what true happiness is daily, especially to help inner equilibrium when local and world events could easily lead to feelings of despair.

As an artist, I am looking for metaphors that uplift, not add to that despair; thinking about all the metaphors for happiness. What does it mean?

What metaphors? What realities become the short hand of happiness – for me it is often deep satisfaction at finishing a task begun, that seems to have endless challenges.

It’s children gaining their independence, knowing we love them and will have their back, but we don’t want them to feel and know they can’t navigate their own futures.

Happiness is sending out positive thoughts to friends, instead of focusing on the physical isolation that may be the outer reality of how we relate to each other for now. It is creating, sharing, caring – and demonstrating friendship.

Right now happiness, is having a sense of the structure for a new collection of poems and short stories. It’s feeling confident to tackle the challenges of a history project. It is sensing balance is important to happiness.

It is knowing that sadness and grief pass, and can be healed through helping others, and thinking of how to bring to them spiritual happiness also.

Happiness is not wallowing in regret, but changing the present, and the future with actions that can be done right now. It is recognising the power of a small ripple, and throwing that out into the universe.

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