Women Artists of the Harlem Renaissance

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The Harlem Renaissance was an early 20th century (1920’s-30’s) literary, artistic, and intellectual movement in Harlem, New York. As African-Americans migrated from rural Southern plantation slavery to areas such as the US urban North East, communities were formed and civil rights sought for.

Efd-vuxX0AYRlzyThis, in turn, creating the foundations for black cultural expression to manifest and become globally influential.


Lois Mailou Jones in her Paris studio, c. 1938

J0Sculptor Selma Burke

Within this movement there were many women who were artists such as Augusta Savage, Selma Burke, Elizabeth Prophet and Lois Maillou Jones. The blossoming of  creative African-American female talent had, in turn, been enabled by previous sister pioneers of the art world such as Edmonia Lewis.

In the 19th century, Lewis was the first African/Native American sculptor to gain international recognition. The artist lived for many years in the European cities of Rome and London, and her pioneering work…

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