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So exciting this will be in Brisbane later this year. More information as it is available.

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Mother’s day

Reflections on motherhood for anyone interested.

Following the Crow Song

The beginning of our move to the country

Mother’s day as your children enter their twenties creates nostalgia for early moments like this.

It leads to realising just how precious these moments were and how quickly they would pass.

Did I enjoy them enough at the time ? If I am honest mostly but not always. Why? It looks so picture perfect, but not everyday of being a mother is easy. There are so many things to think about such as being a great example, fostering resilience and strength, teaching virtues and raising children who contribute to society and are healthy as they can be in mind, body and soul.

Then the reality of their experiencing school yard bullying begins, dealing with schools and teachers about it, worrying about racism. Are they strong enough? Will they have enough strength? Worrying about engagement with learning with spiritual values. And much, much…

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Maths and Me

Reconnecting with mathematics. Will it make it into my poetry? Is it already there?

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I am reconnecting with maths and brushing up my numeracy.


Compulsory lantite numeracy to be a teacher deems it so.

My attitude to maths was to just do what I need to do with it, with banking, checking my change and that’s it. More than that, well if you pushed me statistics for emphasising points in public talks.

Now to prepare for this test, it’s rediscovering patterns, shapes, sequences, algebra and more.

It’s about learning to ensure I read and interpret data, understand different graph types and what they reveal.

It’s building my maths muscle, through training in solving problems.

Three weeks ago I felt totally overwhelmed by this. Recalling maths from many years ago – was I going to be able to do it, to the point of taking an exam? Why had I neglected to remember the area of a triangle, the volume of a sphere?


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What will be the legacy of those we leave behind?

Will we ever know the impacts we have made?

Will we wonder from beyond?

Will we see clearly the trail of the heart of stars?

What will be the dreams we will fulfil that guided us through trials?

What will be the metaphor to stop us and make us think?

What will be the strands that link to make us deeply aware of all our parents did for us?

What will be the memories of my mother and mothering?

What will I continue and what will I transform?

What will be the meaning of the grass skirt wrapped in a blanket?

Will my daughter remember the dance my mother taught her that she never taught to me?

Will my sons ensure that their generation make two wings of the equality bird flap together?

Will they read poetry and love art for the rest of their days?

What will be the story they reform?

What will be the memories my children have of me?

(c) June Perkins

Daily journaling to explore topic of motherhood and legacy.



Extract from Pen and Pixel, May 2022

Wow! I can’t quite believe this has happened.

It is going to be a busy next couple of years.

All the candidates were immensely talented, experiences, and any one of them would have made an excellent contribution (and still can), including the outgoing chair, and yet I am grateful for this opportunity, as a woman of colour, of faith, and mixed heritages, and of place – to take on this role and see what I can bring to the table and who else I can bring to the table with me.

When living in a regional area, QWC helped me locate a local writing group, later they sent workshops, poets and others to our area.

I pitched an article to Writing Queensland on Blogging Cyclones – which they accepted, and later articles of Poetry Advocacy through poetry in galleries, and most recently guest…

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