Mother’s day

Reflections on motherhood for anyone interested.

Following the Crow Song

The beginning of our move to the country

Mother’s day as your children enter their twenties creates nostalgia for early moments like this.

It leads to realising just how precious these moments were and how quickly they would pass.

Did I enjoy them enough at the time ? If I am honest mostly but not always. Why? It looks so picture perfect, but not everyday of being a mother is easy. There are so many things to think about such as being a great example, fostering resilience and strength, teaching virtues and raising children who contribute to society and are healthy as they can be in mind, body and soul.

Then the reality of their experiencing school yard bullying begins, dealing with schools and teachers about it, worrying about racism. Are they strong enough? Will they have enough strength? Worrying about engagement with learning with spiritual values. And much, much…

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