The AFTS Conference is on its way!

It’s been wonderful working with some fantastic storytellers in the lead up to the Australian Fairy tale Society’s National Conference.


Behind the scenes we yarn.

As we talk, we’re looking for significant moments in our storytelling journeys – and the moments we became entranced by fairy tales and folk tales.

Looking at lineage and diaspora, digging into the past, but seeing it with the eyes of the present, and a sense of the ever present Australian landscape; we are inspired by the mysterious, and hear more clearly perhaps, the songs of homelands, motherlands, and storylands.

I cannot tell you SPOILERS – for we prepare panels, and storytelling for you.

Our conversations will go live, October 1st, 2022, and the stories we unearthed will be shared.

Talking to our families, and communities, we bring them on this journey with us too. Remembering grandmothers, and thinking on our children and what stories we will tell them it’s not something where we walk alone, or even just each other. Will we let the next generation only absorb stories that have no traces of their cultural lineage? No, that we cannot do. We are the keepers who want to give.

There is something about being with sisters from the diaspora

America, Botswana, Philippines – that inspires us all to understand where we are from and where we are going. To see the beauty in the ghosts we carry with us, shaking off the traces of internal barriers to strength.

To join us check out the Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference site – and make sure you book by September 18th 2022 the closing date.

With many thanks to the sponsors of the Conference! Look out too for podcast and radio shows featuring some of our upcoming presenters, and storytellers.

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