Archiving the Ripple Project

Ripple Header

The Ripple poetry and photography project that forms the basis of this blog was my first arts project in the Cassowary Coast (then called Cardwell Shire and separate from Innisfail.)

It was auspiced by CRACA and sponsored by a RADF grant.

It was the start of an amazing journey working in the Cassowary Coast as a storyteller, writer, photographer, that has most recently seen me working for 6 months for ABC Open 500 Words.

This is a photographic and written record of the outcomes of this first project.

It would be fun to have a surge in the ripple wave of poetry, so keep watching this space for more poetry RIPPLES and read the poems from which it all began.

ripple family mission beach
Rippling Family- June Perkins

Other writing projects, initiated after Ripple were, Feluga’s Fabulous Fourteen  5-7 class anthology, Into Orbit and Under One Sky.

Most recently I have been working on a BOOK.

I am so excited to be finally working on completing this book of my poetry and stories especially for families to read together.  

June Perkins

the program cover

the program


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