June Perkins taken by Heidi Den Ronden


Dr June Perkins is a Brisbane-based poet, blogger and children’s author, of Indigenous Papua New Guinean and Australian background, raised in Tasmania by Baha’i parents.  She utilizes multiarts and multicultural stories to inspire an enriched sense of belonging and compassion in those who encounter her work.

She was recently invited to share Magic Fish Dreaming at the Asia Pacific Triennial Pacific, Summer Program 2019 and became a member of Mana Pasifika research Institute.  She maintains an interest and dedication to promoting diversity in the Australian literary landscape. Her first children’s book was the award-winning poetry collection, Magic Fish Dreaming (2016) illustrated by Helene Magisson.


Please respect all copyright for this work. If you want to make use of something you need my prior written permission.  I am not the copyright holder on all of the work. See COPYRIGHT HERE.

If printing any poems for classroom use please keep a CAL record and credit it.

I am delighted to be a member of the following groups or directories. Gumbootspearlz is my website. Pearlz Dreaming is listed in the Australian Women Bloggers Directory.


You can find me at  Twitter    Facebook    Vimeo    Pinterest   Nineteen Months

Australian Childrens Poetry


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    1. Thanks for dropping by Christina. More things coming up on the blog soon. Have started a new job mentoring writing and university studies which I absolutely love. I love a lot of different creative things.

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