Magic Fish Dreaming Gifted to Inuit Storyteller

So lovely to hear of  Magic Fish Dreaming’s international journey.

Here it is in Canada where a friend of mine gave it to Michael Kusaygak a well known Inuit author/storyteller of children’s books.

Delighted to know about this!

His response to send a gift of books to me.  Waiting for them to arrive!

Dust Jacket, Illuminations

The first supply of hard cover Illuminations is arriving Tuesday and is almost sold out, so now taking orders for a second one.

If you want the hard cover, dust cover jacket version and live in Australia, please let me know and I will start to take some orders for that now. 😉

For international orders go to the Book Depository.

If you know a bookstore in those countries,wanting to supply the book so that you and others can then buy it then direct them to Ingram It is already available to bookshops and libraries in soft cover through them!

Images in today’s blog by IVI Designs😉


Magic Fish Dreaming Preorders


Magic Fish Dreaming,  an illustrated poetry book inspired by the natural wonder of North Queensland, for children and families,  celebrates the Australian environment, storytelling and multiculturalism, drawing on the cultural backgrounds and experiences of June and Helene.

For all those interested in pre-ordering, please email me at and I will include you in the upcoming mail out.

Large and small prepaid orders welcome.

Our first 100 preorders will receive a free calico bag.  Cost of the pre-order will be $25 AUD with free postage if within Australia for single orders.  For large orders and overseas orders we will give you a postage and handling quote and yes we can still send a calico bag per book if it is in our first 100.

If we can achieve at least 350 single book  preorders we will be able to print all books HARD COVER.

Those working with migrant and multicultural children and settling them into country areas, those who celebrate unity in diversity, and with an interest in exploring a poetry of place will especially love this book.

We feel that if you are in the tourism industry, especially in the Far North, you may also enjoy gifting this book to visitors, to take home to read with their families, to learn more about the wonderful place that is Far North Queensland.

Help us spread this news far and wide.

350 pre-orders, Magic Fish Dreaming will go hard cover!



Ecology Quest – am I living a second childhood ?

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Stories in the Stone, Land, and Songs – June Perkins

Whilst thinking about how to deepen my writing about place – a love for ecological writing, nature writing, and an idea for a new book of poetry and story has been born, or surfaced.  Looking back I see there are hints of it, that perhaps I didn’t take notice of at the time, even though artists like Sasi Victorie and a writer/philosopher Nell Arnold told me it was there.

Every new essay and book read has been triggering an outpouring of thought. I follow trails, that seem to connect and double back on each other. Connections I could never have forseen appear – opera, wandering men who make the land their home, crocodiles, and plants weeping flowers that want to be named,

Songs of birds and humans, layers of land, story, culture, – the power of names, and the biographies of ecologists have been adding themselves to my consciousness, and rather than confusing they are clarifying and deepening my love for understanding the world around me.

An adolescent love of biology, a delight in the many documentaries of David Attenborough, and a love of stars have been combining to take me on a new writing journey.  I find myself watching documentaries on the origin of black holes. I look up the stories of the places I live in to find out: what the street names mean, who the Original peoples and Indigenous language groups are, and what are my old and new suburbs current cultural  and age demographics.  

Art at the Goma – in Brisbane

In a picture book idea I find myself searching for a bird call I want to represent in language and following a trail of bird sites  This leads me to exploring side track after side track, but the time is not wasted. I am creatively gathering – building a nest, or is it wings.  I am asking questions like what did the birth of the moon cause?  I alternate between a nature essay and a notebook of ideas for poems, with snatches of yet to be fully formed verse.

Am I living a second childhood, or discovering this is a way I want to be more in the world?  Why is this way of being in the world, being more aware of its many layers, actually making me feel closer to my own soul?

Ah it seems something to unpack in poetry, that is for sure.

 (c) June Perkins, words and images

Journey of a Book


Paulien and I have been talking about a book – a collaboration of my poetry and her illustrations.

Now we are finally to action it.

Why have we talked about this? Because in highschool she used to illustrate my poems for a backpage of the school newspaper we were both involved in.

Our friendship has been, partly, because we both love creative things.

Why have we taken so long?

Hmm good question, life in general and perhaps needing to have an added impetus to ‘make it so.’

Our deadline is to have it ready for the end of this year.

It is almost the end of March.  Will we make it!  We are going to give it a go!

The poetry and short stories are written. Many of the pieces have been published in scatterings all over the place. Now it’s time to bring it all together into a collection.

Some preliminary illustrations are done.

Now I go over the poems and stories again, and perhaps have a mentor look them over.

Then it’s back over to Paulien who will illustrate and design the book.

I showed her some of the ideas of what I liked whilst she was visiting.

She did her own research and took many photographs of North Queensland, my poetic and story home, and drank deeply of the NQLD environment.

I am to send her some my photographs to add to the design and be part of the illustrations.

She will be able to have it ready for a printer or ebook transformation.

At the same time I have to do the isbns, book blurbs, library catalogue and sales space.

It’s time for our journey from idea and chatter, to finally become a book.

I am so glad to have my friend on the journey with me. I hope we can both do each other proud!

As for finances, I have saved a bit from having a job the last 6 months with ABC Open, and I hope to put a portion towards our creation.

Onward we go.

The idea for this book began with Ripple.

2013-01-25 seeingpaulien 006