Hot Day Jazz

Trumpet Boy 92013-05-011

With the current heat wave on in Brisbane and several parts of Australia, it seemed like a good day to share this poem.

Hot day like a trumpet blast
of melodic riffs that rise but
never quite fall;

each note finally dripping into
a sweat drop
going flip flop on
the pavement.

Overheated notes trying to
keep the jazz afloat
fingers that won’t stop
pushing the buttons
in the search for cool.

Calling out for the cool change
seeking the release from the water key
brass melt away
hot day.

Trumpet make the people
rain dance
pump the pavement
with their call for cool.

(c) June Perkins




9.95 for Immortality

2015-07-17 029

Her smile is stretched
her neck is taught
her wrinkles blasted.

She tells me it’s because
of the secret of jelly fish because
they know all about how to replenish.

Their secret has been discovered
and bottled
just for me.

She thinks she can entice me
to pick up that phone
and try it for 9.95
because the postage is free.

But there must be a catch
don’t some jelly fish
have a deadly sting?

Perhaps it’s in the payment plan

She murmurs,
‘but really what price can you put
on immortality.’

(c) June Perkins

Interview with Ali


You can read an Interview with Ali Stegert on Magic Fish Dreaming HERE.

Magic Fish Dreaming is a children’s picture book project written by my friend and crit-buddy June Perkins and illustrated by Helene Magisson. Today, I interview the author about her beautiful work and her dream of bringing the project to fruition.

A Dreamy Book for Youngsters

Ali: “A dreamy book for youngsters” is my five-word description of your book. How about you describeMagic Fish Dreaming in five words?” HERE.