Ripple Feet – An Installation

ripple prompt2


Unity Feet Installation 3

unity feet installation 1



unity feet installation 8


Day Camp

Day camp by year 2 and tree frog by Susanne
Documenting the Ripple Project – June Perkins

Splish splash went the baby yabby
Bzz went the bee
Chirp chirp went the birds
Whistle went the lorikeet
Pit pat went the lizard.

Whistle, chirp, chirp, bzz,
Pit pat, splish splash,
Went the living things
(all at the same time)

Shebaun, Jeremy, Catherine, Kaela,
Dylan, Rachel, Sheridan, Jasmine, Year 2

Library Ripple

putting up the feet



This is one view of the library display for Ripple. You can see the feet and leaves, the poet’s tree, and the heart ripple butterfly picture. I am working on some collages of all our events and you’ll see some more up here soon. Thanks to the librarians there is also an awesome display of poetry books for children and adults out. They ordered some in from other libraries. Thanks librarians!!!

On another note any poets on the wall who have a website link (homepage) can send me their link and I’ll post it here after it’s been through a review process – for a number of reasons, especially as I want this to be a family friendly site.

I will also gradually post some links to help out teachers who want to integrate poetry into their teaching curriculum and maybe do some site reviews. Poetry ripples on and on.

Thanks to Years 2AM and 2 ML from Tully State Primary for hosting Mission Beach year 4s. I’ve seen you are still writing some poems for optional homework! I look forward to hearing more from you all and hope that you continue to write. Well done with your hosting, and creation of a poetry activity for so many children.

the feet go up

Entering the Exhibition

A view of the poetry wall- just one of many sections to our wall.

poetsmake the world

Young poets are here but we have more of our poets of all ages on the poet’s tree. You’ll see what at the local library until the 18th of September. Some of the exhibit might be going to the poet’s breakfast at Mission Beach, Sunday October 7th 8am.