Hand of Many Colours

Pearlz Dreaming

The girl on the sand
shifts it to where she is now.
She thinks, ‘it’s so many colours
even though it’s said to be yellow.’

She shifts the sunlight
with a subtle tilt of her head
her laughter echoing as
she’s saying, ‘this will be what I remember.

No baggage for me
I’m no outsider to this place
I’m a proud member of the human race.’

Girl in the sand
with the hands of so many colours
even though they look olive
shifting the world with a tilt of her hands
and a simple upturn of her smile.

Echoing grandmother’s drive
passing on mother’s wisdom
catching the light of father’s jokes
drawn from Pacific and Indian Oceans.

He knows laughter is a potion
to the loneliness she sometimes feels
when her gem is not seen by the people around her.

He knows she can find that shining within
she can…

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Divine Spring

Tablelands, Queensland June Perkins ©

“The season of the divine spring will come; the clouds of mercy will rain; the sun of reality will shine; the life-giving breeze will blow; the world of humanity will wear a new garment; the surface of the earth will be a sublime paradise.”
-‘Abdu’l-Bahá, Some Answered Questions

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From the Archives

Pearlz Dreaming

The last month I’ve been working on creating folio samples for applications and checking my archives for works that had potential, but just need more editing.

The above picture is of a poem from a Writing Group Anthology from 10 years ago! Under One Sky with the Licuala Writers.

I enjoyed writing this poem, capturing childhood with my children and a memory of a trip to Kiribati. Maybe I will write more pieces like this! My children are all grown into adults, which makes poems like this especially poignant to read.

Last week was a super productive week, making entries to writing competitions, and anthologies, as well as preparing some new picture book submissions.

I was especially pleased with edits on the picture books. Leaving them for a while really helped, and resulted in a magic day when I looked at them and just knew what to do to polish…

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Transcribing Notebooks

My Notebook …

Behind the scenes.

Behind the absentee blogger.

I’m filling my notebooks and then typing them up.

I’m listening to the rain on our tin roof and watching a pigeon sheltering on the back porch top stair.

It’s there all day.

Today it is pouring. Today there are floods.

I have favourite spots around my house, where I can peek out the windows at greenery.

Find a snatch of a cool breeze.

I’m digging deep and delving into life, lived, wisdoms learned and inspirations from historical and artistic figures.

I’m watching as my fledgling children begin to leave home. Stretch their wings. Find their vocations.

I’m pondering mysteries.

Beautiful, ugly, mundane and fantastical, full of dreams and practicalities.

Seeing homeless people on the street.

Reading, and finishing books, like All Our Shimmering Skies, Phosphorescence. And the language is shimmering. The sadness is being flooded by kindness…

This is life behind the scenes.

As for my novel, it is moving into the third draft, with feedback now back from a detailed manuscript assessment. This particular draft saw a massive improvement in dialogue and character development but need to refine thematic focus and my structure still needs work.

The creative journey’s continue but there is more happening than I can share, than I can speak of – behind the scenes.

In time I may share … if I dare.

How are you behind your scenes?

June XXX

The Divine Call

(c) June Perkins, Brisbane, Australia

“Thank thou God that thou hast stepped into the arena of existence in such a blessed Age and hast opened thine ears and thine eyes in such a Promised Day. The Splendor of the Sun of Truth thou hast beheld and the divine Call thou hast heard. To thine ultimate desire thou hast attained and from the sweetness of the love of God thou hast tasted.”
-‘Abdu’l-Baha, Tablets of Abdu’l-Baha, p. 538 

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Inspirations: Fairytales, Soul, Music

Pearlz Dreaming

Just celebrating some recent publications.

I was happy to have some poems accepted for the Australia Fairy Tale Society Ezine, Bold Heroines and Magical Helpers, a short story to the about to be released anthology, South of the Sun and to publish my second collection of poems, Illuminations!

Looking ahead working on a new collection in which all these worlds begin to collide, music, soul, fairy tales and the remaking of a world without racism, where picture poetry books might be rewritten and artists are trail blazers in community transformation.

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Volta – a Turn for Poetry

Poetry’s Turn in a Pandemic!

Pearlz Dreaming

Dr June Perkins, Sam Wagan Watson, Kylie Thompson

Images Courtesy for Queensland Poetry Festival,

It’s been 10 months, since a live poetry event for the Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF). So, it was perhaps this that led to such anticipation and a within minutes booked out venue for the first Volta (an Italian term for the ‘turn’ in thought or argument in a sonnet, although we weren’t required to perform sonnets) at the Brisbane Square Library.

Thankfully a move to a larger venue at the same library was possible, and that was again rapidly booked out.

Covid 19 has altered so many art events, festivals, performances and pushed them into adaptations which include an expanded use of online performance and workshops.

Panacea Poets, was one such innovation of the QPF, and involved 46 poets recording their performances and sharing them in an online curated youtube channel.

Yet the…

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What can Citizen teach me about Poetry?

Been digging deep for the next poetry collection. Filling a purple notebook with ideas, often written in prose.

Sometimes lines just spin out like poetry.

Then I type them up. During type up sometimes words and lineation change.

Sometimes metaphors are born.

Sometimes phrases that surprise HAPPEN!

Then I revisit them with what I have been discovering in my mentor texts. These texts suggest experiments. Things to try that I might not have done before. Or I see that I do something that poet does already.

Had some positive feedback from my mentor recently (and a new question) and the journey continues!

This is my reflection on Citizen and I have written some new poems based on this reflection (those are top secret for now).

Citizen by Claudia Rankin – Devices/Observations.

There are no titles only sections I – VII.

There is often a use of the second person you – to put reader in the shoes of the narrative speaker- the reader, you must inhabit the body of a black person.

Her series of vignettes is very prosaic at times but then there are these massively poetic metaphorical lines that just pop out at you

‘the sky is the silence of brothers'(p. 89 in citizen- very moving )

‘a novelist with the face of English sky’ (p. 115)

that said the work progressively becomes more and more poetic to express a depth of sorrow and critique of society that is indeed lyrical.

She mixes memoir, essay and the poetic. There is the mention of other texts and citations, like from James Baldwin. Something about the way she quotes them makes you want to read those intertexts.

There is the integration of photographs, surreal art works, multimedia scripts and more.There is an engagement with popular culture / tennis/ academic texts/ everyday life, news.

By referring to you I sometimes feel like the poet is in dialogue with herself, trying to understand herself, or the person she is embodying.

She deals very deeply with the objectifying of the ‘black body.’

She has great compassion that does not judge for the black person that rebels and responds to prejudice in the ways they have access to.

So what next? What do I read next after the mentor texts?

Remembering my Father in Law

Following the Crow Song

Memories of Howard Perkins, from Daughter in Law June Perkins

Howard Perkins pictured with his dear wife Helen, and my three children (his grandkids from Queensland).

15th February 2021

The very first time I met Howard Perkins, after visiting the Perkins’s house after a teaching service trip with his son David, he said, ‘You know he’s a good catch,’ about David, with David standing there and blushing, much to his embarrassment. His Dad was keen for him to be married and figured I might be the one.

At the time David and I were friends, only having just met, but a few days later David knew we would be married. His Dad had picked it before he did though.

We lived with Helen and Howard for two years in Melbourne about one year after we married having moved from Tasmania my childhood home.  During which time several other people…

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